News from Water Stratford

ST GILES - Thank you to wonderful team of ladies who clean and decorate our church throughout the year for the enjoyment of congregations and many visitors.  We are very grateful to Fiona, Sue and Susan for the gorgeous flower arrangements during the year and a special thank you to Miriam who has provided lovely flowers for many years but is now retiring from the rota, and to Catriona, Deborah, Di, Jean, Jill, Liz, Nicky, Pam and Suzanne for providing a lovely clean church.  As Liz has now left the village and Miriam is retiring, I would be very grateful to hear from any ladies or gentlemen who feel they could offer some time to join us.  Please contact me on 01280 848209.  I will be putting the rota together next month.

We will be decorating the church for the Christmas season on 18th – 20th December so if anyone new wishes to help do call me.

Sarah Willis

Thank you, Sarah, for organizing these rotas and appearing on both of them!

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY - Thanks to Chris for preparing and leading a thoughtful service and giving our community the chance to observe this important occasion one hundred years on from the first Remembrance Service.  Also thanks to Holly for coming to play for us – those who recall the melody-line only accompaniment at last year's service will be especially grateful.


A bumper collection of writers have contributed items for this page during the past year: thank you Fiona, Guy, Barbara, Teresa, Mike, Deborah, Leah, Amanda, Nicky and Sarah.

Where would we be without the dedicated members of the Parish Meeting committee who give up a great deal of time to ensure our needs are well looked after?  Another group meets, with more to do than usual in the absence of a Rector, to keep the church running and pursue the search for her successor.  For all meetings attended, emails sent, phone calls made, letters written, documents studied, problems noticed and addressed...THANK YOU.  Thanks too to those who have organized social and fund-raising events, looked after The Old School, delivered magazines, walked footpaths, cleaned, arranged flowers, made refreshments, donated money and volunteered services great and small to enrich life here.  Then there are all the chance meetings and pre-arranged get-togethers, and many kind deeds, words and thoughts which help us on our way – for all these, thanks.  A very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to everyone.

CHURCH SERVICES AND ROTA - This year's Carol Service will be at 6pm on Sunday 22nd December (come and cheer yourself up on the shortest day of the year – or calm yourself down during frenetic last-minute preparations). On Christmas Day there will be a Family Service at 11am.  Pam and Deborah will clean in December and all flower arrangers are asked to please help decorate the church for Christmas.  The next service after this will be for Candlemas at 5pm on Sunday 2nd February, which brings to an end the Church's season of Christmas, and will be a final chance to see our church lit by candlelight until next December.

Sara Edwards